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The union movement was founded on the belief that collective bargaining could bring about tangible, positive change to the lives of everyday working people. This powerful legacy has carried the movement a long way, but over time both perceptions of the union offering have fallen out of sync with the working world. Community understands this, and is looking to the future, ensuring that we are absolutely relevant and useful to an ever-changing world of work.

Transforming trade unionism in the modern world

John Park, 2 September 2015

When I became a trade union member a month shy of my 16th birthday in 1989, every one of the other 150 or so apprentices joined too. We were entering a workplace that had 6,000 employees where you could name the small handful of people who were not union members.

Beyond Rosyth, many of my former schoolmates were finding it difficult to get a job as the Tory recession of the 90s was starting to bite. Most of them had never heard the terms ‘self-employed’ or ‘freelancing’, never mind thought about working that way…

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